Eastern Iowa freelance marketing writerGood communication works for good business. 

My blog posts are often seemingly random thoughts. Eventually, I like to stitch together with the common thread of good business communications. These ramblings sometimes give way to ideas on branding and how your customers get what they need to make good informed choices.

Also, this blog site for the Muscatine Entrepreneurship Exposition is a strong example of how content marketing works well to promote a small, local business event.

I is verboten

I is verboten.

While pitching a potential client years ago as a solo PR guy (aka freelancer), he stopped me mid-sentence:  “You keep saying ‘we, as in we

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Figuratively, metal buckets hold thoughts, ideas and even details.  Sorting into those buckets is pretty much how I like to organize such things.  The buckets

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Collaborative Creation

So we had a blast on Saturday at Sunrise River Gallery during the Downtown Muscatine Girls Getaway.  The Getaway asked that we do some “seminars”

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