Come along with me into ’21 and Beyond the Sunrise!

Come along with me into ’21 and Beyond the Sunrise!

Now that we’re well into 2021 (and we have that first get-back-at-it-morning-after-the-holidays behind us), I wanted to reflect with a thank you for the creative opportunities presented in 2020.
The keyboard, brushes, and paints are some of the tools I get to use to create images for business and pleasure. 

Here are a few creative highlights from 2020:

It’s been quite a year, that 2020, now let’s go forward in to ’21 and beyond!


PS Give me a call 563-299-6855, or shoot me an email if you or anyone in your light needs a hand with a creative endeavor this year.


An accomplished marketing pro, I’ve been helping varied businesses and industries effectively communicate with employees, customers and other stakeholders for more than thirty years. I’m an experienced content creator writing ad copy, press releases, blog posts, marketing collateral, straight news, feature stories, columns, video scripts, curricula, position papers, websites, and speeches. I’m experienced with pictures, too … photography, photo editing, graphic design, and page layout. For years I’ve stated good communication works for good business. When good communication happens, it means there’s a level of understanding by the reader / listener of what the writer / presenter intended to say.

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