Figuratively, metal buckets hold thoughts, ideas and even details.  Sorting into those buckets is pretty much how I like to organize such things.  The buckets (even piles on your desk) are containers for collecting, organizing and synthesizing inputs into effective project outputs. 

Sometimes with metal buckets, ideas arc from one compartment to another.  Now, that’s some real magic!

We all use whatever tools work best to organize our spaces for effective work. For me it’s less about my physical space but more about how I gather what I need.  My stuff goes into buckets, sometimes real and sometimes virtual.  Ideas get dumped out and thought about. They might arc from one to another.  Ultimately, contents of these buckets are turned into end products completely representative of the initial goal to be completed.

Try it.  Think about your stuff, your work, your life.  Put it all in buckets so you can carry the load, keep it organize, and access the contents quickly when it’s time to finish the work.


An accomplished marketing pro, I’ve been helping varied businesses and industries effectively communicate with employees, customers and other stakeholders for more than thirty years. I’m an experienced content creator writing ad copy, press releases, blog posts, marketing collateral, straight news, feature stories, columns, video scripts, curricula, position papers, websites, and speeches. I’m experienced with pictures, too … photography, photo editing, graphic design, and page layout. For years I’ve stated good communication works for good business. When good communication happens, it means there’s a level of understanding by the reader / listener of what the writer / presenter intended to say.

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