Eastern Iowa freelance marketing writer
Jim Elias - Writer | Content Creator

I am an accomplished Iowa freelance marketing writer. Let me help you tell your stories. Businesses, organizations and people hire me to communicate with employees, customers and other stakeholders. An experienced content creator, I write ad copy, press releases, blog posts, marketing collateral, straight news, feature stories, columns, video scripts, curricula, position papers, websites, and speeches.  The pictures I create communicate well, too … photography, photo editing, graphic design, and page layout.

For years I’ve stated good communication works for good business. Good communication means your reader / listener understand what you, the writer / presenter, intended to say.

If you want your customer to buy your product, she needs to understand how your product will solve her problems.  For your staff assistant to be effective at his job, you must clearly define expectations so he knows what to do. To entertain your audience, use good communication to fully engage them with what you are presenting.

Curious?  I hope so, because I am, too.

Curiosity helps you break down what you learn, so you and others understand. As a result, written communication, spoken communication, visual communication and implied communication all work to deliver the right message.

How may I help you produce good communication for your good business?

Small business help.

Helping small businesses, owners and entrepreneurs is my passion.  I guided the format change of the Voice of Muscatine newspaper from a stale broadsheet to an exciting tabloid. Then I wrote about it.

This story about the E-Center and Muscatine Chapter of Startup Grind, not only showcases my writing but it also demonstrates how I help small business owners connect for success.

Put my experience as an Iowa freelance marketing writer to work to help accomplish your marketing and communication goals.  See more writing samples on my portfolio page.

Email me, jelias@jeliasmpr.com. That way we can begin a good dialogue to help you get good results.

With good communication,

Jim Elias