Jim Elias - Writer | Content Creator

An accomplished marketing pro, I’ve been helping varied businesses and industries effectively communicate with employees, customers and other stakeholders for more than thirty years. I’m an experienced content creator writing ad copy, press releases, blog posts, marketing collateral, straight news, feature stories, columns, video scripts, curricula, position papers, websites, and speeches.  I’m experienced with pictures, too … photography, photo editing, graphic design, and page layout.

For years I’ve stated good communication works for good business. When good communication happens, it means there’s a level of understanding by the reader / listener of what the writer / presenter intended to say. 

If you want your customer to buy your product, she needs to understand how and why your product will solve her problems or satisfy her needs.  If you want your staff assistant to be effective at his job, you must clearly define expectations so he knows how to be successful. If you want your audience to be entertained, you must use good communication to fully engage them with what you are presenting.

Curious?  I hope so, because I am, too.

Curiosity and the ability to synthesize what you learn, I believe are at the root of good communication.  Written communication, spoken communication, visual communication and implied communication can all be employed to deliver the outcomes you desire.

How may I help you produce good communication for your good business?

Email me, jelias@jeliasmpr.com, to begin a good dialogue to help you get good results.

With good communication,

Jim Elias